Kids Tables and Chairs

Out of all the kids’ bedroom furniture items available, perhaps the most versatile is the kids table and chair set. Whether it’s a kid-sized set for tots and juniors, or a more grown-up kids’ study desk for teens, a table and chair set is an integral part of any kids’ bedroom, and one guaranteed to provide years of fun, play and learning.

Choosing a kids table and chairs set

When selecting the right type of table and chairs for your child, there are a number of factors you need to consider, such as:

  • What type of material should it be made out of – plastic, wood or fabric?
  • What size will it need to be – for tots, tweens or teens?
  • What will it be used for most – playing, learning, studying, eating, etc?
  • How long will it need to last – a year or two, or longer?
  • Does it need any storage items attached, such as shelves, a bookcase, TV nook, etc?

Your answers to these questions will be able to inform your choice, and ensure that you choose the right kids’ furniture item for your needs.

Tables and chairs for kiddies

If your child is a tot or a junior, choosing a table and chair set to match their size will help make playtime easier and more comfortable too. Not to mention that your dining room table will be safe from toys and crayons too!

Plastic chairs and tables are most often a safe bet for the parents of younger children. Not only are they lightweight and easy for kiddies to move around, they’re durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean too. What’s more, plastic tables and chairs for kids are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, making them incredibly versatile no matter what the weather. Choose yours in two or four-seater options, plain-coloured or themed, and give your kiddies a table and chair set perfect for tea parties, toy soldier battles, colouring-in, puzzles, flash cards and more.

Desks and chairs for teens

If the table and chair set you need to select is actually a kids’ desk and chair, there are different concerns you’ll want to keep in mind when shopping. As the primary use of any kids’ study desk is learning (at least you hope so!), you’ll need to make sure it’s spacious enough to hold all your child’s books, papers and stationery, and comfortable enough for the hours they’ll be spending there.


is also a key factor – having a place to keep books, learning materials and other resources like a computer or even a TV will help keep their room from becoming too messy, and give them a place to easily access any study tools they may need. No-one particularly enjoys studying, so anything you can do to help make the process easier and more comfortable, the better.

Of course, practicalities of kids’ tables and chairs or study desks aside, you’ll still want to make sure that the set you choose matches the other furniture items in your child’s bedroom. So whether that means co-ordinating it with your existing kids’ bedroom suite or matching it to your toddler and kids bed, having kids’ furniture items that blend together will ensure a harmonious space for your child’s bedroom. Not to mention an attractive one too!

So shop for your child’s perfect table and chair set today, and give them a piece of kids’ bedroom furniture built for fun, built for learning, and built to last for years to come.