Bunk Beds

When it comes to looking for toddler and kids beds, there’s one option that always gets a thumbs up from children – bunk beds!

Bunk Beds for Kids

One of the most popular of all kids bedroom furniture items, bunk beds have a worldwide reputation for being fun, versatile, space-saving, and a must for children with a sense of adventure.

The practicality of kids’ bunk beds

So why do bunk beds continue to be such a popular kids’ furniture choice? If you ask a parent, they’ll usually give you one of three good reasons:

  • They’re sturdy. Bunk beds for kids are built to stand up to a fair amount of rough and tumble, so the tougher they’re built, the longer they’ll last. That’s value for money you can’t ignore!
  • They’re versatile. There’s no need to waste money buying bigger beds as your children grow – one set of kids bunk beds in either ¾ or full-size is all you need, and your children will be set for years to come.
  • They’re space-saving. Perhaps the biggest benefit of kids’ bunk beds is their unique ability to save space. Whether you need to fit two children in one room, or have space for your child and a sleepover guest, you’ll be able to accommodate two children in half the space with just one bunk bed. Choose a standard bunk bed or an L-shape for variety, and give your children more of what they really need – space for playing!

The popularity of kids’ bunk beds

Ask a child why they like bunk beds, however, and you’ll get a completely different answer:

  • Stairs! What child doesn’t like climbing – over, under, around and even upside down? The unique design of kids’ bunk beds makes them a favourite not just at bedtime, but at playtime too.
  • Two levels! With an up and a down built in, bunk beds for kids can become playthings for kids with just a small sprinkling of imagination. Sailboats, castles, jet planes, ocean liners and more – one bed and infinite playtime possibilities.
  • The top bunk! Who knows why, but the top bunk is always everyone’s favourite, and one of the main reasons why bunk beds are always a number one choice for kids. Just get ready to settle arguments about who’s sleeping on top tonight!
  • Sleepovers! Kids delight in hosting their friends over and are usually so proud to show off their great sleeping space. Sleepovers are always super fun.

More than just being fun for kids and value for parents, however, bunk beds can be a safe and practical choice too, with designs including ample storage space  for books and toys, as well as rails for through-the-night safety as well. What’s more, if you’re looking for a kids’ bunk bed that’s a little out of the ordinary, you’ll be able to custom-make or commission your own unique set, perfectly suited to your children’s unique personalities.

As you can see, there’s something for everyone in a kids’ bunk bed, whether it’s a parent, a child or a particular preference that needs satisfying. Shop for your children’s bunk bed today and give your kids a piece of bedroom furniture that’s fun to sleep in, fun to play and fun to dream in too.