Childrens Bedroom Suites

When shopping for kids’ bedroom furniture for tots, tweens or teens, a good place to start is always a kids’ bedroom suite. Completely co-ordinated, with all the pieces you need in one set, a well-constructed suite can help you save a huge amount of time, and often money too.

Choosing the perfect kids’ bedroom suite

When selecting any kids’ furniture, there are always a few points worth bearing in mind:

  • Safety. Are there any sharp edges, rough corners, or protruding screws? Are heavy furniture items sturdy and flush with the floor, or do they run the risk of toppling over?
  • Durability. Will the furniture you choose stand up to rough play and repeated use, or will you need to replace it after a few years?
  • Size. Is the room you’re decorating large or small? Kids’ bedroom suites come in a variety of sizes, so you’ll need to know the exact measurements of the room before you start filling it.
  • Manageability. Is the furniture easy to clean and relatively easy to move? Kids have crayons, sticky fingers and a need to constantly redecorate – all things their furniture will need to be versatile enough to accommodate.

Bedroom sets for kids and teens

Choosing baby nursery furniture or a bedroom set for a kiddie is a very different task to choosing one for a teen, so you’ll need to make sure the bedroom suite you decide on is age appropriate and takes all your child’s needs into account.

Tots and juniors

When it comes to smaller children, often the simplest choice is the best one. Think toddler and kids beds, kids’ tables and chairs, a small bookcase and a chest of drawers if necessary. If your child’s room is a larger one, then perhaps a toybox too to help keep their space neat.


A bedroom suite for a teenager can be a more complicated affair, simply because their needs are greater. A bigger bed, such as a ¾ or double is essential, as is a kids’ study desk and chair. Storage is also vital, so think bookcases, wardrobes, shelving units, and more than likely space for a TV and stereo too. Throw in a large upholstered chair or couch and you’ll have a room any teen would love.

Of course no matter what age child you’re shopping for, the beauty of a kids’ bedroom suite is that it’s all been assembled and co-ordinated for you – which means you won’t have to spend hours searching for each individual piece, armed with swatches to ensure everything matches. So if you’re short on time and looking for an all-in-one solution, look no further than a kids’ bedroom suite – designed with both you and your child in mind.